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Things You Must Consider Before Selecting EPOS System Provider in the UK

You’ve chosen to shop for an EPOS system. You’ll find that managing your retail business is so much easier together with your EPOS system.

Since you’ve made a crucial decision, now it is time to assess the EPOS system provider in UK that you simply are strongly considering.

Try not to miss this step!

The biggest mistake retailers around the world make when choosing EPOS software is that they do not spend enough time assessing the EPOS system provider in the UK.

List of factors to consider:

  • Support once you need
  • Help to properly configure the EPOS software
  • Timely software updates
  • Training to learn about the using process

Always remember that you’re entering into a relationship that is bound to last long-term with the EPOS system provider in the UK and you are not simply making a one-time purchase. You’ll be in constant touch with the service provider for updates, support, training, hardware and consulting.

The provider’s level of support might be the main difference between an experience that’s great and one that’s awful. Before going ahead with a system provider you must ensure the EPOS software supplier is experienced, trustworthy and financially stable for an extended and prosperous relationship.

List of questions to ask:

  • Is the organization profitable and stable?

A company that’s struggling financially might be bankrupt in a few months leaving you with an unsupported EPOS which will obsolete with no support.

  • Does the EPOS software provider have a robust customer base?

You’d prefer to not put your hard-earned money into the EPOS system, just to seek out that the company has few customers and tiny motivation to enhance and support the software.

  • Does the EPOS software provider have a personalized understanding of your industry?

Enquire about their experience in your industry and request solid samples of how the EPOS software functions therein industry.

  • What would be the process of installing software?

Discover how they’re going to get your program ready for running. Will they convert your data if you’ve got an existing system?

  • Will the EPOS software supplier offer training services that fit your learning style?

EPOS software is often rather complex. You would like to ensure the provider you’re working with has training available so you’ll become conversant in the tools and tricks so you get maximum value from the software.

  • Will you get additional support after installation and training?

Fundamentally, the EPOS software provider offers phone support during your work hours. Not having support available during your business day would be useless and baffling. 

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