Card Machines from £ 15.99

Card Machines

Our great range of card machines are the perfect solution for all of your payment needs. Packed full of essential features, our exceptional terminals will prove to be such a vital business tool that it’ll make you question how your business ever functioned without one.


Mobile Card Machine

Mobile card machines are ideal for businesses who travel to their customers, go to events or are mobile traders. Small, light and robust, this card terminal benefits from a unique dual GPRS/GSM connectivity, resulting in the highest levels of connectivity in the UK.

Portable Card Machine

Portable card machines are perfect for bars, restaurants and cafés.  A portable Chip & PIN terminal is removed from its base so it can be taken to the customer at the bar, their table or any other location; within 100 metres of the base which connects using bluetooth.

Countertop Card Machine

Countertop card terminals are a cost effective solution when operating from a fixed premises. This is an ideal solution for retailers, fast food outlets and shops. Our countertop card machines connect directly to either a telephone line or an internet connection.

Debit & Credit Card Machines

Chip & PIN Solutions can provide you with the right card payment machines to suit the nature of your business. We understand that businesses need to be flexible, especially when it comes to offering alternative card payments for customers. That’s why we offer a variety of different credit and debit card terminals to use in different situations all of which have the option of contactless payments as standard.

Whether you accept credit and debit card payments from your cash register, at your customer’s table or out on the road, we have a card machine for you. We carry out test transactions on all of our Card Payment Machines in our warehouse facility at Head Office to ensure they are robust and reliable. Our card terminals accept all major credit and debit cards.


Card Payment Machines

We specialise in providing Ingenico card terminals, offering countertop card machines, portable bluetooth terminals and mobile card machines. Each card reader has an individual specification which can be viewed on the product pages and provide you with more information on each individual card machine.

Our card terminals are available to lease on a long term basis, purchase outright and on a Short-Term Hire basis. We provide Ingenico counter-top, portable and mobile terminals. We offer unique remote reporting, dual GPRS and GSM connectivity; and the latest software. Our card payment terminals can be fully integrated, are PCI compliant and can be used virtually anywhere in the world. Our card machines are also accredited with all the major acquirers.