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Thermal/Impact Kitchen printer solution provides added advantage for order processing in the kitchen or at the Bar.


Introduce more efficient touchscreen order management in the kitchen. Easy to view orders and update order processing in real-time. Best for fast food and takeaway management.


Speed up your takeaway order with our CALLER-ID solution. We supply you with the best-known hardware and local postcode, so you never have to worry about typing the wrong address of the customer.


Professional labelling for takeaway. We can customize your label to print with customer name, item name and optional ingredients to go with your takeaway. Solution form £239+Vat



No messier handwritten notes and kitchen errors, our Windows Tablets will surely add-on convenience and efficiency to your Restaurant.

All common EPoS functions are available and offer the benefit of maximizing revenues in table service restaurants.







Get your EPOS solution fully customized to your needs. A flexible solution that is designed to work with your business model, so you do not have to compromise to fit around it. Give us a call and we will get it sorted for you.


Please find below some additional information for you
We offer onsite installation service if required. Typically, the system is fully configured and ready to plug & play when it reaches you. However, if you prefer to have our engineers install it for you and provide training onsite, please talk to us about it. Our standard charge for the service is £150+Vat/Location.
The system is delivered to you fully programmed and ready to use. The set-up process is simple as well. You need to attach the correct cables which will be clearly marked for you. Once all connected, you need to connect to the internet (Ethernet Cable Provided) and give us the connection. However, we will go through the process on the phone with you, so you will get tips and hands-on support while we do this. Once we get the connection, we will show you on the screen and go through the entire process. We can provide training as many times as you like.
Like Operating system running in your EPOS, every software also need to go through regular upgrades and maintenance. This is in order to make sure that, you software is up to date and run smoothly at all times. Things may go wrong sometimes due to human error or technical issues. We are prepared to help you at all times regardless of the issue. Our support service is UK based and available 7 days a week to assist you. Our software support & license cost is only £25+vat/month.
Not necessarily, our software is not Internet-based, so you do not require internet to run the solution. However, It is recommended to have Internet available at the premise for us to provide online support and updates as required. You do not have to be connected all times to the internet. However, If you have additional devices such as Tablet, Kitchen printer etc, you need internal networking for all devices to communicate with the main system. For kitchen printers, you will require having Ethernet connection (CAT5/CAT6 cable running from the router to the printer) for the printer to connect to your system.
We aim to process and complete every order within 5 working days from ordering and cleared payment. If the order is in finance, we start processing the order as soon as the finance procedure is completed and clients return signed agreements.
We surely offer discounts on multiple systems ordered at the same time. This also saves us time to process the order and we can apply the cost of time-saving to you as a discount for up to £85/system*/location (Excluding special prices). However, in many cases, multiple systems also require additional services and hardware to complete a full solution, therefore, we price it accordingly after applying the discount to the number of packages you may require. Please discuss your needs and we assure you the best solution at the most competitive price.
User friendly Interface

Simplified design, easy to use layouts and interface. Using the software is simple and easy to navigate. Giving you the edge and efficiency to serve faster without mistakes.

Table Planning

Creating table plans based on service areas and layouts on a different level. We help you create the layout or teach you so you can change them when needed.

Table Spent

Allocate table to your guests and see how much they have spent on orders during their stay, so you can prompt for bills or send the waiter to see if they need anything more.

Kitchen Management

Clear concise kitchen messages printed in the kitchen from the printer. Optional wall-mounted kitchen screens with control to manage orders in the kitchen.

Tableside Ordering

Professional Tablet solution for tableside ordering. Avoid messier hand notes and kitchen errors and gain customer satisfaction.

Caller-ID Solution

A professional and handy solution for telephone ordering using our top-notch Caller-ID solution from Crucible. The best-accredited solution for Caller-ID systems approved by BT.

Table Booking

Let your guests book tables in advance, log-bookings in the system and view booking reports daily or weekly or as you please.

Split Billing

Easy bill split by item or simply split the bill equally among friends. We simplified the process so you don’t struggle to calculate.

On-Screen menu Prompt

A great feature for Bar or Pizzaria for accurate order taking. Directing EPoS operator around the food and drink menus ensuring every dish is ordered accurately to reduce ordering mistakes and wastage.

Postcode Finder

Integrated Postcode data for your local delivery areas. Data is corrected annually to update new addresses, ensuring no delivery goes to the wrong address.

Comprehensive reporting and admin features help manage and maintain business growth. Customized reporting available on request, so there are a lot of potentials.

Go online with our top of its kind Online solution for Hospitality. Let customers order from your website or mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.


Automatically generate reports and stored at the back end. You will get ann business insight as and when you need it. 

Take order on the move using our state of the art Order Man solution or Smart Tablets. We can enve integrate one device to sale & take payment on the table. 

Save all your customer into your own system. No completion form others like Just Eat or Food Hub. Use database to send marketing info & promotions to boost sales. 

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